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This course offers my highest level of coaching and support.

It's packed with personalized guidance, resources, and instruction!


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the healthy person you always wanted to be?

Surgery alone will not get you to or keep you at your goal.

Success requires CHANGES to your nutrition, mindset, and fitness along with a strong support system.

This is where I come in! In 2017, I founded Living Healthy Nutrition and My Bariatric Kitchen to share my knowledge and experience.

With my team of leading industry professionals, I am determined to help you succeed! Through a variety of services, we partner with both surgical and non-surgical patients to help them develop the skills needed to meet, and sometimes exceed, their weight loss goals.

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Bariatric Coach

Have you Ever


Q: What is wrong with me?

A: Absolutely nothing! You are perfect. You just lack the knowledge, resources, and accountability to make the changes needed to be successful.

Q: Why can't I lose the weight and keep it off?

 A: Some of the reasons are habitual. Some have been programmed by media and relationships. You need coaching and support to learn differently.

Q: Why does everyone else lose weight so easily and I continue to struggle?

A: Stop comparing yourself to others. They don't share your genetics, medical history, or anything else. Your only competition is staring at you in the mirror.

Q: I just had surgery. It can't be that hard! Why can't I just follow the rules?

 A: Rules are made to be broken. It's time to get out of the diet mentality and learn how to create healthy habits that are sustainable for LIFE.

Q: OMG! I'm so lost! Can someone please just tell me what to do?

A: They (doctors, surgeons, dieticians, etc.) have. But they didn't help you learn HOW. This is where the system has failed you.

It's time to make some


Bariatric Boot Camp

Bariatric Boot Camp

The VIP of bariatric coaching and support.

This is THE program if you are ready to implement the changes needed for success after surgery, but lack the support and knowledge to do so. Through personal coaching calls, group sessions, unlimited online support, and more, I will personally help you develop the habits and skills necessary to SLAY your goals!


MBK Monthly

Your Bariatric Life Support System

Led by three industry professionals, MBK Monthly is your Bariatric Life Support System providing Nutrition, Mindset, and Fitness coaching at your fingertips. Whether you are non-surgical, pre-op, post-op, or in maintenance, MBK Monthly provides the coaching, support, and resources to help you reach your goals and learn how to live healthy for life.

MBK Monthly
Bariatric Basics

Bariatric Basics

Learn the Basics of Healthy Living

In this 12-week self-paced course you will learn the basics of healthy living after bariatric surgery and begin to establish new habits through videos, online instruction, and activities/assessments. Each week you'll be implementing lifestyle changes and learning new skills to help you achieve maximum health and long-term success on your journey.


They TELL you what to do… but no one TEACHES you HOW!

Until now.



Elizabeth S

I’ve been thinking about what you said Patricia, and there is no reason not to be taking care of me. The water, the balanced macros, micronutrients, the vitamins, the exercise, and taking care of this body we have for this life. It’s exactly what I need sometimes, the word here or the nudge there. It makes a huge difference. To me, that is exactly the heart and essence of MBK. Thank you!

Jennifer C

I am ever grateful to Patricia Hill. I was so lost in the beginning regarding nutrition, but God knows what we need and when we need things. I don't even remember how I found My Bariatric Kitchen or when but I won a spot in her class, and it changed my life/weight loss journey. Thank you Patricia!

Teresa L

I started with Patricia & eating balanced macros 365 days ago and have lost 90 pounds of my REGAIN!!! I wouldn’t be where I am today without everything I’ve learned, eaten, and not eaten as a result of My Bariatric Kitchen!

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