Struggling with REGAIN or STALLS? 

Kick Start Your Weight Loss!

Struggling with REGAIN or STALLS?

Kick Start Your Weight Loss!

Get yourself back on track the HEALTHY way!

Pick the plan that meets YOUR needs and kick your weight loss back into high gear!

Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill

How It Works


1. Choose and purchase your macro balanced meal plans, specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of most bariatric patients.

2. Download the meal plan, grocery list, and recipes.

3. Inventory your kitchen to see what you already have, then go shopping!

4. Prepare your food using suggestions from the Tips for Success included in your packet.

5. Follow the plan to the letter. If it's not on the plan, don't put it in your mouth!

  • Drink a MINIMUM of 64 oz of WATER daily; 85 oz is even better!
  • Move your body for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes a day.

Important: These plans are calorically designed for those who are one or more years post-op. While they will still work for those who are less, those patients will not be able to consume all of the food if less than six months post-op. 

Myth Buster!


How many shakes will I drink on your Kick Start plans?



Contrary to popular belief, the liquid diet resets don't work.

In fact, they are the yo-yo diet of the bariatric world and can actually do more damage than good. They are not backed by science and will not shrink your stomach, reduce your hunger, or change your unhealthy habits.

If these pouch resets were truly an effective technique, they would be well-described in the medical literature, discussed at bariatric conferences, and widely used by bariatric health care providers, which they are not.

Truth About Pouch Reset

Success Stories

Worried that the foods on the plans will be gross or weird? Check out this sample day!

3-Day Sample Balanced Macro Plan

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It's Time... Pick Your Plan!

With each purchase, you'll receive TWO COMPLETE KICK START MEAL PLANS.

One plan is designed to include family portioned dinners, with all other meals being only for the bariatric patient, and the other plan is entirely for singles. Both plans include the 7-day meal plan, grocery shopping list, and all of the recipes needed for the week.

Please select the plan with the right nutritional goals for your needs:



This plan is more closely based on the Dietary Reference Intakes put forth by the Food and Nutrition Board and the Institute of Medicine. It's a very healthy balance of macros that allows for higher (high fiber) carbs and low fats while still hitting protein goals.







This plan works well for those with PCOS, Hashimoto's, Type 2 Diabetes, or other insulin-resistant conditions. This plan is NOT traditional keto, but one developed specifically for our nutritional needs after bariatric surgery. It ensures that we (bariatric patients) still get the required level of proteins according to ASMBS guidelines and enough healthy high-fiber carbs for proper body and brain function.


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