Be thankful for all your struggles...

because they help you find strength.

All About Patricia Hill

Once upon a time,

there was a little girl. She started life as a trophy-winning pageant baby, dancer, and gymnast. She was a "girly girl."

She was also active in the 4-H, and rode horses in the town rodeo every Friday night. She loved her Grandpa more than anyone in the world. She loved going fishing and learning how to skin a rabbit. She also beat up a boy, two years older, for letting his cat eat the baby birds she had been protecting when they fell out of a tree.

She lived an exciting life. She moved with her family to Iceland and Greece. She was a singer in a traveling youth choir. She was the editor of her high school newspaper, on the debate team, and an actor in the drama club.

She was a bad-ass softball pitcher, a weekend roller-skater, and a pretty good volleyball player.

But appearances aren't everything. 

As she grew older, she began to struggle.

She struggled with relationships.
She soothed with food.
She was lost, and lonely, and had ZERO self-esteem.

But she knew how to hide it. REALLY well.

To the world, her life was WONDERFUL.

She STILL lived an exciting life. She won awards, she traveled around the country training educators, and she was at the top of her field.

But, again, appearances aren't everything... and she was seriously struggling.

She was exhausted. She was depressed. She was very unhealthy and unhappy.
And the scale kept climbing.

Patricia's Bariatric Journey

The good news is that this is


of her story.

It's just a new volume in the series of her life!

Hello there!

I'm Patricia, and I'm
so glad you are here!


Welcome to the beginning of the rest of my story.

In 2016 I finally got fed up with living half a life and I drew a line in the sand. I was done being unhealthy. I had too much to live for.

It not only took surgically altering my body with a VSG, but it took tons of breaking old habits and learning new ones. It took a fierceness that I've never had to bring to the game before. It took working on mindset issues that were holding me back from success. It took learning what healthy exercise felt like. It took perserverance.

And I am STILL working on ALL OF IT.

Because if I've learned anything (and I've learned A TON),
it's that the WORK never ends.

It just gets easier with practice and repetition.

Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill
Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill

I have always been driven by a passion to make a difference in the world.

And after a 25-year career as a professional educator, former caterer, and chef, it was time to find my new purpose. Inspired by my own quest to lead a healthier life, I took it upon myself to learn all that I could about nutrition and how it related to my new tool.

I wanted to be successful. But I also wanted to help others learn that they could still enjoy food AND lose weight in a healthy way, too. I created a Facebook group as a hobby, a way for me to give back to my community. I posted about my journey. I posted recipes. I posted inspirational quotes. And my following grew, and grew, and GREW. Soon, members were begging me to TEACH them how I was being so successful.

So, I became a Certified Bariatric Health and Wellness Specialist
and officially opened the doors to My Bariatric Kitchen.
My new passion was born! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Fun Facts

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Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill


Did you know I have a podcast that I produce with my Bari-BFF, Dr. Kristin Lloyd? Yep, you can listen on any of your favorite listening platforms!


I'm on TELEVISION! Watch for me on both of these TLC shows during Season 2!


I'm a poodle mom! And he's simply amazing... Meet my 85lb gentle giant, Xander le Roux!

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Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill


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