It's time to transform your life

and slay your weight loss goals!

It's Time to Transform Your Life

and slay your weight loss goals!

"The #1 multi-faceted approach for nutrition, habits, mindset, and motivation"

MBK Monthly is your Bariatric Life Support System


Did you know...

Only 1 in 5 bariatric patients
will lose up to, or more than,
50% of their weight.

What happens to the other 80%? 

What keeps them from achieving their goals?

Lack of long-term coaching & support
Weak and outdated patient education programs
Poor habits come back and regain occurs
Does this sound familiar to you?
Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill

Struggling With Success?

After surgery, the initial weight loss is fast and – while it’s not easy – it is nearly guaranteed. But it's what happens AFTER that initial loss that determines your long-term success.

20% of patients have figured it out.


It's simple. The behaviors necessary for success have become second nature for them.

They put in the work.
They changed the habits.
They developed the skills.

But, I can promise you they didn't do it alone.

They had a support team helping them every step of the way.

Feeling alone? Feeling lost? Struggling?

I can help! Keep Reading... 
Bariatric Weight Loss  Patients
Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill

Come and Join Us

Today, more than ever, our calendars are filled to the brim with activities, appointments, and commitments.

Where in all of this craziness do you have time to research and learn how to implement the habits required for long-term success?

How many hours will you spend weeding through the misinformation and garbage out there to figure out who to trust?

When do you carve out time to plan for your nutritional needs AND feed your family, so that you stay on track to meet your goals?

Well, if you are like many, you don't. And you are struggling.

If you want SUCCESS to be your new normal, so that you become the person for whom ups and downs on the scale are NO LONGER A STRUGGLE, you’re in the right place.


I'm Patricia, the founder and owner of My Bariatric Kitchen.

I get you, because I'm bariatric too! As a new post-op sleeve patient, I found myself frustrated that no one was there to TEACH me how to correct the behaviors that led me to bariatric surgery. No one to help me learn HOW to eat correctly, to develop healthy habits and not re-gain, or to deal with overcoming personal mindset blocks to achieve success. So, I set out to bridge the gap by opening the doors to My Bariatric Kitchen in 2017.

I will be your ally, your partner, on your journey to health. I'm here to help you triumph over the challenges of life as a bariatric patient.

Let's do this!

Read about my journey HERE

Bariatric Coach Patricia Hill

Choose Your

Path to Success



Barb T.

I had the sleeve in 2018 and initially lost 97 pounds. I felt great, and my bloodwork was perfect. Then, I developed severe acid reflux, regain, and a hiatal hernia, which led to a revision to RNY bypass in August 2023. The surgery was the solution to my medical issues, but I found I was still floundering. I discovered Patricia offered a program that includes meal plans, menus, grocery lists, accountability, cooking demos, one-on-one support calls, and group lives. Exactly what I needed! Personalized direction and guidance by someone who cares about me as a person as well as my health! I highly recommend Patricia’s program! I am a lifetime member of her program because this is a lifelong journey.

Vicki R.

Wow, what a difference 6 years can make! 410 pounds to 219. What did I do to NOT become a failure statistic? I worked at it… I joined a gym and worked out. I found Patricia and My Bariatric Kitchen and in early 2017 I joined MBK Monthly. I followed the meal plans religiously, attended Patricia's virtual workshops, and was doing great. But, the honeymoon stage came to a screeching halt, the pandemic struck and I regained 20 pounds. I purchased her Kick Start plan, lost 10 of that, and I was back on track. The one constant for me is Patricia and MBK Monthly. It's easy to follow, holds me accountable, and keeps my weight in a stable range. She even coached me through my skin removal recovery! As a bonus, my father and husband have also benefited from eating healthy. Patricia has become a friend as well as a mentor to me.

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Bariatric Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness Coaches

Bariatric options DO WORK.

But lifetime SUCCESS lies outside of the MD's office.

MBK Monthly

gives you what the surgeon can't.


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